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We’re currently developing FakeFap with the aim of being the World’s Best AI Porn Generator

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We’re an entirely community funded. As a thank you, those who donate will get ‘early bird’ benefits.

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We’re aiming to launch phase 1 on 1st September 2023

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Launching September 2023 – Our FaceSwap & Clothes Removal tool will be launched September 2023. Beta testing for early bird supporters will be launched September 1st, with public launch scheduled for 31st September.

By December 2023 our text to porn image generator will be available public use. The model is currently being trained on nearly 2 million images. We have a working product now but further development is needed to ensure it’s the best in the world. 

Here’s where the real tricky work begins. Turning the AI generated porn images into video and integrating it into a working cam girl experience. We have no scheduled release date just yet as all our resources are currently being spent on perfecting Phase 1 & 2, but ideally Q2 2024.